Terms and conditions of using our car booking system

  • The minimum acceptable rental duration is one day (24 hours). Any rental period below 24 hours is automatically charged as a whole day. For instance, a car rented by 9:00 on Friday and returned by 12:00 on Sunday will be charged as a 3 full days.
  • Ensure that the quantity of fuel in the vehicle at drop off is the same as what was present when you picked up the vehicle. If the quantity of fuel is less, the renter is expected to pay for the difference using the rental company tariff. But if the quantity exceeds, the difference will not be refunded to the renter.
  • If you intend to travel outside the country, inform the management of the rental agency in advance so all relevant documents and passes can be made available.
  • In case that the car is so dirty during return, which makes a problem for inspection, car wash is needed by the client.
  • Note that Standard CASCO insurance does not cover all damages. It excludes damage to car wheels, underbody, windshield and passenger’s space.
  • If the renter decides to extend the rental duration, then needs to inform the manager of the rental company in advance.
  • The phone number provided during reservation must be accessible all through the duration of the rental, especially on the night before drop-off. If communication with the renter was not possible, it can be concluded that you have no right to complain about the quality of services.
  • The payment of parking tickets and fines is the sole responsibility of the renter.
  • Following the Minimum age requirement (22 years) and driving experience (2 years), the management of the rental company can decide to cancel the rental agreement on the occasion that requirements are not meant.
  • 1. This system for car hire in Bar and harbour is a free platform that helps customers locate the best car rental deals.
  • 2. To book a car, you are required to make an advance payment within the range of 15-20% of the total rent. The rest you pay upon a car pick up.
  • 3. Cancelation and changing of booking:
    3.1. To cancel a reservation, send an e-mail containing the confirmation of reservation (that was sent to you after making the advance payment) to office@rent-a-car-bar.com. The e-mail’s subject should be titled “cancellation”.
    Refund will be effected within 14 working days from the date of filing through the same account from which payment was made.
    3.2. Cancelation of a paid reservation does not incur any charge other than the interest on charged payment service (6% of the paid amount).
    3.3. Paid reservation can be canceled without attracting any penalty within 7 days (for luxury cars and for SUV – 30 days) before the date of the lease.
    3.4. Changing of a reservation is carried out by canceling an old reservation and making a new one. Note that after the cancellation of a reservation, the vehicle will be put back on hire and made available for others to book.
  • 4. This online car booking system is built as a partnership platform with a local car rental agencies. It helps the rental companies display their cars for customers to see, while also assisting customers with getting a convenient car rental experience. Keep in mind that we are not the rental agencies, we are just a go-between. So, all matters relating to the condition and quality of the vehicle or general services should be addressed to the managers of the car rental agencies.
  • 5. If the rental company is unable to make the booked car available to the client at the set time due to breakdown or other hindrances, they are expected to provide an alternative vehicle of the same or a higher class under the same terms and at the same price.
  • 6. Before a renter can proceed with the reservation process, he/she is obligated to accept and obey all listed terms and conditions.